Hydrocodone Addiction Treatment

AppleGate Recovery offers treatment and counseling for hydrocodone addiction in Plano, TX.

Hydrocodone is one of the most prescribed painkillers in the United States. It is used to manage pain and can become addictive after just one use. Like other opiates, hydrocodone quickly attaches itself to the opioid receptors in the brain, causing a tolerance to build up as the body becomes dependent on the euphoric high. It can be extremely difficult to quit taking hydrocodone or manage withdrawal symptoms on your own.

At AppleGate Recovery in Plano, TX, we offer a safe, medically-supervised way to treat hydrocodone addiction. Our medication-assisted treatment program uses buprenorphine compounds to ease the symptoms of hydrocodone withdrawal, making it much more comfortable and convenient for patients to recover. This effective treatment partnered with our counseling and customized treatment plans has helped numerous addiction patients recover and start their lives again, addiction-free.

The benefits of our medication-assisted treatment in Plano, TX includes:

  • Medical supervision and evaluation
  • Individual and group substance abuse counseling
  • Ongoing medical and social assessment

If you or a loved one is struggling with hydrocodone addiction, give us a call today. We can help you end the difficult cycle of addiction and start your life anew addiction-free.

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