Opioid Addiction Treatment

AppleGate Recovery offers treatment and counseling for opioid dependency in Plano, TX.

Opioid use disorder, commonly referred to as opioid addiction, is a problem growing at epidemic rates across our country. Opioids are particularly difficult to stop taking since the brain quickly adjusts to the surges in dopamine caused by the drugs. After just one use, addiction can develop. To achieve the initial feeling of euphoria again, more and more of the drug is required. This dangerous cycle can lead to an accidental overdose as the user takes more and more of the drug in an attempt to get relief.

At AppleGate Recovery in Plano, TX, we offer a recovery solution from opioids. Our clinic specializes in buprenorphine treatment programs for opioid dependence and addiction. With buprenorphine, the effects of opiate withdrawal are greatly diminished and patients are at a reduced risk of relapse.

The benefits of our treatment program in Plano, TX include:

  • Medically supervised treatment for opiate addiction
  • Individual and group counseling
  • Collaborative and supportive patient care

The physicians at our Plano clinic understand that addiction is a disease and treat it as such. They specialize in using buprenorphine compounds in the treatment of opiate addiction. Buprenorphine is a partial agonist and has a “ceiling effect”. This means that the amount of medication required is less than other opioids and has a reduced risk of misuse or overdose. Suboxone® is the most commonly known buprenorphine medication used in the treatment of opiate addiction, but others include Zubsolv® and Bunavail®. Our Plano, TX physicians are experienced in addiction medicine and will work with each patient to determine the medication that is right for them.

Our customized treatment plans combined with addiction support services address all aspects of your recovery.

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