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Suboxone® Treatment in Bossier City & Shreveport Louisiana

The State of Louisiana, like much of our country, has terrifying overdose statistics to show the unprecedented progression of the opioid epidemic. In Louisiana: 447 related overdose deaths were reported…

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Seeking Spirituality in Treatment and Recovery

Outpatient opioid use disorder clinics provide medication-assisted treatment to those looking to overcome their addiction along with substance counseling, both individual and group. There isn’t a specific tie to any…

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Addiction as a chronic condition

Treating Addiction as a Chronic Condition

Despite all of the advancements that science has made over the past twenty years, there are still those who are resistant to the idea that addiction is a disease. There…

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Exercise and Addiction Recovery

We know that exercise has a lot of benefits and can improve health on many levels, including helping people lose weight, feel happier and strengthen their cardiovascular system. But can…

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How Family Members Can Get Involved in the Recovery Process

When addiction takes hold of someone you love, the situation impacts everyone. As the parent, sibling, spouse or child of someone with a substance use disorder, life begins to feel…

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Five Ways to Celebrate National Recovery Month

Recovery from a life chained to drug addiction is cause for celebration. Whether you’re one day clean or one year, every step you take toward living a life of sobriety…

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Does Opioid Addiction Have a Link to Genetics?

If you know someone who has an opioid addiction, you may wonder about its genetic factors. Did their condition come from a family member’s genes? Will their children have an…

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The Dangers of High-Functioning Addiction

The most common interpretations we see of people with substance use disorder are usually accompanied by very undignified and inaccurate depictions of individuals who, in reality, have a treatable disease….

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Opioid Addiction’s Effect on Your Career

Addiction impacts every aspect of your life, including your job and career prospects. It changes the way you think and act, and if you don’t receive the necessary help, it…

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