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AppleGate Recovery clinic in Baton Rouge, LA

Start Opioid Use Treatment in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

The opioid epidemic is a widespread problem across the United States that has left millions of people suffering from substance use disorders every year. It can wreak havoc on people's personal and professional lives, leading to severe health issues and opioid overdose. The good news is that people who suffer from opioid use disorders don't have to fight this battle alone. AppleGate Recovery is a leading outpatient treatment provider that offers individualized care, opioid addiction treatment (OTP) programs and other support services for people struggling with opioid use disorders. AppleGate Recovery Baton Rouge is here to help you or your loved one overcome addiction and achieve long-term recovery.

Services Offered at AppleGate Recovery in Baton Rouge

Our Baton Rouge location offers comprehensive outpatient opioid treatment programs and additional resources that are affordable and confidential. Unlike traditional inpatient hospitalization, outpatient treatment allows patients to receive addiction treatment while still maintaining their daily routines. One of the most effective treatment options provided by AppleGate Recovery Baton Rouge is medication-assisted treatment, which involves the use of medications such as buprenorphine and suboxone to reduce withdrawal symptoms and cravings. These medications are FDA-approved and have proven to be highly effective in treating opioid addiction.

Medicated-Assisted Treatment Services: 

Buprenorphine Treatment:

This is an opioid addiction medication used to treat substance use disorders. It works by binding to and partially activating the same opioid receptors in the brain as other opioids, such as fentanyl, heroin, prescription pain relievers, or oxycodone. This partial activation of the opioid receptors reduces opioid cravings and blocks the euphoric effects associated with these substances. It also reduces withdrawal symptoms buprenorphine is usually taken orally in the form of a tablet or film.

Suboxone Treatment:

Suboxone is a medication-assisted treatment used to treat people suffering from opioid use disorder that combines buprenorphine and naloxone. It is one of the most effective treatments for opioid addiction that is currently available. Suboxone works by blocking the effects of opioids on the brain, reducing cravings and withdrawal symptoms. Suboxone also helps to reduce the risk of opioid overdose and death. 

Substance Use Counseling Services

AppleGate Recovery also provides counseling services to help you address other underlying problems related to opioid use disorder. The counseling services include individual counseling and group counseling at some of our locations. During these counseling sessions, you will have the opportunity and freedom to talk about your substance use disorder, addiction treatment plan, or plans to start rebuilding relationships with family members or loved ones in a judgment-free environment.

Individual Counseling

Individual counseling is an invaluable resource for those seeking help with opioid use disorder. Through regular sessions, individuals can receive personal attention and guidance to address underlying issues that drive their opioid use. The counselor’s primary goal is to identify and address the factors that influence an individual's addiction. This includes exploring past experiences, building coping strategies and skills to manage stress, addressing family dynamics, improving communication skills, and learning relapse prevention tools. 

Group Counseling

Group counseling can provide support for individuals with opioid use disorder to develop resilience. Topics that can be covered in group counseling sessions include addiction understanding, relapse prevention planning, exploration of emotions and feelings related to addiction, and development of a opioid-free lifestyle. Support groups can also help you gain hope from witnessing others’ successes as they share their own experiences.

AppleGate Recovery's Baton Rouge location is dedicated to helping you or your loved one overcome opioid addiction and achieve long-term recovery. Contact us today to learn more about our services and get started on your journey to recovery.  We are here for you every step of the way.  Let us help you take back control of your

Opioid Epidemic in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Louisiana, like many other states in the United States, is facing an opioid addiction and overdose crisis. The statistics on opioid addiction rates, overdose deaths, emergency room admissions, and over-prescribing in Louisiana are alarming. In East Baton Rouge, the coroner's office investigated nearly 300 overdose deaths in 2022 alone.

Fentanyl, a powerful synthetic opioid, has been a major contributor to the increase in the number of overdose deaths in Louisiana. It is 50 to 100 times more potent than morphine and is often mixed with other drugs, making it even more deadly. According to a recent report by the Louisiana coroner's office, fentanyl was involved in more than 70% of the state's opioid-related deaths in 2019. Fentanyl-laced marijuana is another growing concern in Louisiana, with a handful of cases reported in the state. The dangers of Fentanyl-laced marijuana cannot be overstated, as even a small amount of the drug can be fatal. The impact of the opioid crisis in Louisiana extends beyond the individuals suffering from addiction. It affects their families, communities, and the economy.

Prescription monitoring programs can help identify and prevent over-prescribing and reduce the risk of diversion and misuse of prescription drugs. Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) combines medication and behavioral therapy to help individuals manage opioid addiction successfully. Behavioral therapy can also be used in conjunction with MAT to address the underlying causes of addiction and promote long-term recovery.

Why Choose AppleGate Recovery for Opioid Addiction Treatment

AppleGate Recovery Baton Rouge offers caring and supportive assistance during your treatment, with a focus on individualized care, to ensure that every person feels heard and empowered. AppleGate Recovery's patient-centered treatment plans emphasize a holistic, evidenced-based treatment approach to opioid addiction that combines physical exams, medications, and counseling to address each of your individual needs which are continuously evaluated and adjusted based on your progress.

AppleGate Recovery ensures that each person receives treatment that adheres to industry standards during the recovery process. Our team of healthcare providers is highly skilled, experienced, certified, and licensed and will provide you with a safe and welcoming environment where you feel respected, understood, and supported encouraging you to have a successful recovery.

If you or your loved one is struggling with opioid addiction, contact AppleGate Recovery to get started on the path to recovery call today at 225.208.2000. You can also fill out our online form below to schedule your consultation. This brave first step is your gateway into a life of recovery. 

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Our medical provider will ask about your history, perform a physical examination and obtain blood work. After the assessment, your AppleGate Recovery medical provider will prescribe the medication that’s most effective for you.

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