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What is addiction counseling?

Odds are, you didn’t set out to become addicted to opioids, but it happens. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, in 2017, there were an estimated 1.7 million people with opioid related substance abuse problems, with 47,000 deaths resulting from opioid overdose. So, while recovery from addiction may feel like a long, lonely path to travel, you are far from alone...


Suboxone® or Subutex®: What’s the Difference?

To understand the difference between Suboxone® and Subutex®, you must first understand the difference between methadone and buprenorphine.

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Ohio’s Battle Against Pain Pill Addiction

Pain pill addiction; three words that disrupt the lives of people all across the country. What seems like a medicine to allow you to return a normal life can do

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Overcoming Addiction, One Day At a Time

Overcoming addiction: two words that seem like the impossible. Overcoming anything can be intimidating for that matter. Whether it is a fear, an obstacle, a sudden life change, we all...

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Getting Started

Fentanyl: The Deadly F Word

When talking about the opioid crisis, you may have heard the “f” word a few times. Fentanyl has been a main contributor to overdoses and deaths in the United States....

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smart recovery

SMART Recovery for a Better Life

SMART Recovery can be a smart way to change your life. There are so many different ways to recover, whether it’s from an addiction, injury, or sudden change in your...

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Opioid Abuse and How It Affects You

Opioid abuse is a term that seems to be coming up more often now. Whether you yourself are struggling, a friend or family member, or you have just seen it...

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The Opioid Overdose Tragedy

Opioid overdose is a tragic thing that not only affects the individual, but their friends and family as well. The opioid epidemic is continuing to grow across the country and...

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Opiates vs Opioids: What’s the Difference?

There are so many words out there that sound the same or look the same that it is so easy to use them interchangeably. Tomato, tomato (it doesn’t really work...

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Relapse Is Not the End of the Road

Relapse. When you hear that word, what do you think? Failure, giving up, no way out? Most would agree that this word has a negative meaning, but it doesn’t have...

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There Is Hope

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