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AppleGate Recovery Baton Rouge is dedicated to helping patients overcome addiction to heroin, pain pills, fentanyl, and other opioids.Our office-based program is convenient and individualized for each patient. A physician works with each patient to find an appropriate dose and prescribes buprenorphine, or buprenorphine compounds such as Suboxone® that are filled at a pharmacy. Counseling services are also available, and highly recommended, to further help patients learn how to overcome triggers and build confidence in all areas of their lives.


AppleGate Baton Rouge services include:

Outpatient Opioid Addiction Treatment

Every year, millions of Americans struggle with feelings of shame and isolation stemming from opioid misuse — including people of all ages throughout Louisiana. These feelings can make you feel trapped in a vicious cycle of addiction. Seeking the support you need can help you realize that you aren’t alone in your recovery. If you live in the Baton Rouge area, we welcome you to turn to AppleGate Recovery for kind, compassionate opioid addiction treatment.

Our certified counselors have gained years of experience offering medication-assisted treatment for all types of opioid addictions. These outpatient options are affordable and completely confidential, so you can continue living your life with confidence while you’re in recovery.

Our Medication-Assisted Addiction Treatment Services

One of the first steps in a medication-assisted treatment plan is finding the right prescription to help break your physical dependence on opioids. We offer two types of opioid addiction medication, including:

  • Buprenorphine: While this medication is an opioid itself, it actually blocks cravings for other opioids by attaching to the brain’s opioid receptors, but with a ceiling effect that minimizes it’s ability to be used to get “high”. It then prevents other opioids from taking full effect and reduces the withdrawal symptoms you might otherwise feel when you first become sober.
  • Suboxone®: Suboxone® combines buprenorphine with naloxone — an opiate antagonist that attaches to opioid receptors without activating them. It lessens the risk of abuse by immediately causing withdrawal symptoms if someone tries to misuse the prescription by injection.

One of the best ways to ensure the success of your treatment plan is to combine your medication with counseling which can help you identify underlying triggers and find healthy ways to replace your addictive behaviors. That’s why we offer an individualized combination of counseling options, including:

  • Individual counseling: Through one-on-one counseling sessions, you will come to better understand the emotional factors behind your addiction. You can use this safe, confidential space to work through past trauma, create healthy coping habits and set goals for your recovery.
  • Group counseling: In group counseling, you’ll learn that you aren’t alone in your recovery. People recovering from opioid addiction attend group treatment programs to meet others like them and encourage one another on the pathway to sobriety.

We promise to provide patient-centered, individualized care in each aspect of your treatment plan.

Why Choose AppleGate Recovery in Baton Rouge for Your Outpatient Addiction Treatment?

We understand that the choice to seek treatment is often a difficult one, which is why we’re dedicated to making your recovery a positive, seamless experience. When you choose AppleGate Recovery in Baton Rouge for your medication-assisted treatment, you’ll receive:

  • Warm, compassionate support: Each of our team members firmly believes that you are more than your addiction. Our services focus on dignity and compassion in a confidential setting.
  • Personalized treatments: Just as your story is unique to you, so should your recovery be. We’ll meet with you regularly to determine the best combination of prescriptions and counseling options for your needs.
  • Innovative treatment processes: While some clinics use only physical exams, medications or counseling to treat addiction, we’ll combine all three for a holistic, evidence-based approach to your recovery.

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If you’re struggling with the pain of opioid addiction, you don’t have to suffer in silence. Convenient, affordable help is available at AppleGate Recovery. We encourage you to reach out online using the form below or call us at 888-488-5337 to take the first step in your ongoing journey toward recovery.

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