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What Makes Us Different?

At AppleGate Recovery, we know that fighting opioid addiction alone can be scary. That is why we are here to help you overcome those obstacles by providing individualized treatment plans, counseling and other supportive recovery services to address your specific needs.

We understand that addiction is a disease and we work to help patients identify what recovery looks like for them, and most importantly, how to get there.


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Opioid Addiction Treatment Programs

Making the decision to seek help for the disease of addiction takes courage.
AppleGate Recovery offers accessible care through FDA-approved, Buprenorphine based treatment and support.

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AppleGate Recovery is a growing provider of quality office-based opioid treatment centers across multiple states. Our individualized treatment plans are created for each patient’s unique recovery needs. Convenient and affordable care is possible at AppleGate Recovery, and we encourage you to find your nearest clinic and give us a call today.


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“AppleGate has treated me with nothing but kindness and the willingness to help. I have never once felt like I was less than or embarrassed because of my addiction.”

– AppleGate Patient

“AppleGate Recovery completely changed my life. I now have a normal everyday functioning life.”

– AppleGate Patient

“AppleGate has a wonderful caring team that will work with your individual recovery needs. I have been going since August of 2018 and my life has progressively gotten better and continues to. They continue to upgrade treatment plans as needed and will listen and take into account your own concerns for your own treatment. Love the counselor and doctors that are available.”

– AppleGate Patient