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Finding Friends and a Support Group After Addiction Recovery

Humans are built for connection. Our instincts push us toward friendships, relationships and mutual support from other people. Without close connections, we cannot function at our optimal level. This is…

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Is Ibuprofen Better than Opioid Pain Relief Post-Surgery?

Is Ibuprofen Better than Opioid Pain Relief Post-Surgery? Opioids have long held their place as the most potent analgesics in medicine, but recent research shows that basic over-the-counter ibuprofen may…

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Opioid Addiction Rising Among Black Americans

Opioid Addiction Rising Among Black Americans The COVID-19 pandemic has changed everyone’s lives around the world, but in America, some communities are experiencing the devastating impact of increased opioid overdose…

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5 Fears With Opioid Addiction Recovery

The decision to end the cycle of addiction and break free from opioids takes perseverance and courage. Even as you make that choice, you’ll confront several fears that may tempt…

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Overcoming Loneliness in Recovery During the Pandemic

As social distancing continues, COVID-19 impacts our physical, emotional and social health. Loneliness is on the rise, reaching epidemic proportions. Those most at risk of fatal loneliness are the individuals…

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How to Improve Your Mood During Addiction Treatment

Everyone experiences positive and negative emotions, and your mood can shift in an instant for many reasons. However, in the early stages of your recovery from substance addiction, you may…

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