Five Ways to Celebrate National Recovery Month

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September 18, 2019

Recovery from a life chained to drug addiction is cause for celebration. Whether you’re one day clean or one year, every step you take toward living a life of sobriety should be met with joy and gratitude. In recognition of the road to recovery, and to bring awareness to those still in need of help, September is National Recovery Month.

This national observance, sponsored by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Organization ( gives everyone the chance to learn the truth about the disease of addiction. For those struggling with drug addiction, it provides resources to take the first steps toward sobriety. During this year’s drug addiction recovery month, celebrate the big and small gains you’ve made throughout your recovery journey, and show the world that people can and do recover.

If you’re not sure how to observe National Recovery Month, we’re here to help. Here are five ways to celebrate National Recovery Month 2019.

1. Share Your Story

Your addiction recovery story has the power to make an incredible impact. Perhaps your journey has been painful, and maybe it still is. Yet the obstacles you’ve encountered and progress you’ve made are exactly what others need to hear.

When someone struggling with drug addiction hears your story and identifies with you, they may be able to picture a life of recovery for themselves. Your story may be just the thing to spur them on to begin healing.

There are many ways to share your story, including:

  • Start a conversation
  • Write a blog or share on social media
  • Talk to the media
  • Speak at a National Recovery Month event

2. Attend a Recovery Celebration Near You

If your recovery group or the local community is holding a Recovery Month event, this is an excellent opportunity to connect with others as they learn more about addiction treatment. These celebrations often include good food, good conversations, good music and great speakers and education.

3. Take Part in a Walk for Recovery

Some larger cities host a walk for recovery to bring attention to addiction and recovery opportunities in the community. Hundreds if not thousands of people participate, including those in recovery as well as friends and loved ones. Recovery walks frequently raise money for those who still need treatment. As you walk, you can connect with others and show solidarity around this critical issue.

4. Attend an Art Show, Play or Film Festival

Art therapy is a way that many people recovering from drug addiction tell their story. The result is often beautiful pieces of art. Your recovery group may plan to attend one of these events as a way to support the artists and validate their experiences. You may find that attending the play, art show or film festival is a meaningful experience that brings deeper healing to your own life.

5. Plan a Recovery Month Event

If you don’t know of any National Recovery Month events in your area, you can always plan one yourself. There are many different types of events, so choose one that you feel comfortable organizing. Remember to post your event on the National Recovery Month website and social media to get the word out.

Some options to consider include a walk for addiction recovery or a creative show. You could also hold a symposium or town hall discussion where topics related to addiction can be discussed. The most important goal is to bring your community together in support of National Recovery Month. If you don’t feel comfortable planning one yourself, the National Recovery Month site offers a number of events you can participate in on your own or with a group!

Start Your Recovery Journey Today

If you have not yet taken the first steps toward a life of sobriety, there’s no time like the present. National Recovery Month may be your opportunity to live life free from a substance use addiction.

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