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How to Improve Your Mood During Addiction Treatment

Everyone experiences positive and negative emotions, and your mood can shift in an instant for many reasons. However, in the early stages of your recovery from substance addiction, you may…

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Safe Summer Activities for Recovering Addicts

When you’re recovering from addiction, your sobriety should take priority. While summer offers plenty of distractions and fun, it’s also a season filled with potential triggers. From backyard barbecues where…

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5 Ways to Avoid Isolation This Summer

Summer is usually the perfect opportunity to get out and enjoy the warm weather. Yet, after months of quarantine, there is still a real and present risk for doing anything…

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Avoiding Triggers vs. Tackling Triggers

Avoiding Triggers vs. Tackling Triggers There will come a time, especially in early recovery, when every patient will have to contemplate whether it’s best to avoid specific opiate relapse triggers…

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Handling Stress a Year into the Worldwide Pandemic

Handling Stress a Year into the Worldwide Pandemic Managing and achieving recovery goals can already be challenging under normal circumstances, but the COVID-19 pandemic that has swept the globe has…

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Coping with Seasonal Affective Disorder during Treatment

For people in substance use disorder treatment, living outside of the northern hemisphere’s warmer corners, the winter months can be tough to deal with while striving towards long-lasting recovery. The…

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