5 Ways to Avoid Isolation This Summer

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May 17, 2021

Summer is usually the perfect opportunity to get out and enjoy the warm weather. Yet, after months of quarantine, there is still a real and present risk for doing anything that involves other people. For most, social distancing is a nuisance. However, for those recovering from opioid addiction, too much isolation and feelings of loneliness can put you at risk of relapse.

While being with others isn’t totally risk-free, some activities are safer than others and can help you feel more connected and engaged. So, if loneliness is creeping in, here are five ways to avoid isolation this summer.

1. Join an Outdoor Exercise Class

From yoga to CrossFit, many gyms and workout facilities are taking their group classes outdoors. Exercise is great for those recovering from addiction, as it causes your body to release “happy hormones” without relying on opioids. These classes are also a great opportunity to connect with others. Don’t feel like you have to rush home after rolling up your yoga mat — take a few minutes to engage with humanity again.

2. Visit the Local Farmers Market

If you’re sick of quick trips to the grocery store, why not mix it up with a visit to your local farmers market. Turn it into a special occasion by bringing along a friend or close family member. While best practices such as masks and social distancing are still recommended, the open-air format of markets makes them far safer than shopping indoors. Plus, they are an excellent opportunity to support local businesses.

3. Plan a Camping Trip With a Few Friends

Camping is one of the lowest risk activities you can engage in this summer. After months cooped up, seeing beautiful views and breathing in fresh air will be medicine for your mind and spirit. Just be sure to avoid crowded campgrounds and communal picnic areas. Instead, opt for a more isolated locale.

4. Go to the Beach

Sandy beach days with family and friends are synonymous with summer. Whether it’s the ocean, a lake or riverside, a visit to the beach can be a great way to get out and keep a safe distance. Fill your beach day with a variety of fun activities, such as swimming, playing volleyball, building sandcastles or just lounging in the sun. Plus, a healthy dose of sunshine can help when you’re feeling blue.

5. Enjoy a Backyard Bash

Turning your backyard into a small party space for a barbecue or elegant summer soiree is a safer way to spend time with the people you care for. Perhaps you’re the king of the grill. Or, maybe you’ve been practicing some fancy recipes during quarantine that you’re ready to show off. As long as you limit the guest list, a backyard bash is a relatively low-risk way to avoid loneliness.

If Isolation Leads to Relapse Contact AppleGate Recovery

Sadly, social distancing has created an environment that breeds isolation and loneliness. If the inability to connect with others has lead to relapse, don’t give up hope. The team at AppleGate Recovery wants to help you get back on the road to recovery after opioid addiction. Our highly effective programs combine medication-assisted treatment and counseling to ensure we address both the physical and emotional ramifications of addiction.

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