Celebrities Going Through Recovery

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October 24, 2019

You’re not alone in your journey to recovery. Even the most successful celebrities go through addiction and recovery. Many well-known athletes, musicians, authors, actors and television personalities have struggled with substance abuse, and now share their recovery story to inspire others.

If you have a drug addiction, there are people who understand what you’re experiencing, including these nine celebrities who had problems with drug or alcohol misuse in their past and are now in recovery.

Kat Von D

Tattoo artist, model and television personality Kat Von D realized one day that drinking got in the way of her work. Over ten years of sobriety later, she now has a bustling career as a tattoo artist and beauty mogul.

Michael Phelps

In 2014, the most decorated athlete in Olympic history entered rehab. Michael Phelps took part in a six-week recovery program after getting his second DUI. As a person in recovery, he had a successful 2016 Olympics and now advocates for people with mental health conditions.

Eric Clapton

Singer and songwriter Eric Clapton has an over 30-year history of sobriety. During the 1970s, he dealt with heroin and alcohol addiction before committing to recovery. Today, he fiercely advocates for others in recovery and has his own treatment center.

Stephen King

Legendary horror author Stephen King struggled with drug and alcohol abuse until the late 1980s. After his family urged him to get help, he dedicated himself to sobriety. He saw his writing become clearer and penned famous works like The Green Mile.


Australian pop artist Sia celebrates more than nine years of sobriety from drugs and alcohol. After years of addiction, her sobriety inspired her to take the unconventional approach to music we know her for today.

Danny Trejo

During his younger years, actor Danny Trejo had an addiction to drugs and multiple prison sentences. He now has more than 45 years of sobriety and helps young adults find freedom from addiction.

Tim McGraw

Country star Tim McGraw knew he needed to stop drinking when his loved ones started to worry about his alcohol use. More than ten years later, he now dedicates his free time to working out and staying sober. Exercise gives him an alternative outlet to alcohol abuse.

Amanda Bynes

Amanda Bynes dealt with the stress of being a child actor by using drugs. In 2014, she started recovery and began a new life pursuing her love for fashion. She graduated from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in 2019.

Elizabeth Vargas

News anchor Elizabeth Vargas checked into alcohol addiction rehab in November 2013. She shared her experiences with anxiety and recovery in her memoir Between Breaths: A Memoir of Panic and Addiction. Today, she builds on that work by talking about her sobriety at a variety of events for people in recovery.

Begin Your Journey to Drug Addiction Recovery

These celebrities took the path to recovery, and so can you. At AppleGate Recovery, we help patients recover from opioid addiction in a supportive environment. We use individualized, medication-assisted treatment to address all aspects of addiction. To learn more about our recovery services, contact us today.