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What is addiction counseling?

Odds are, you didn’t set out to become addicted to opioids, but it happens. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, in 2017, there were an estimated 1.7 million people with opioid related substance abuse problems, with 47,000 deaths resulting from opioid overdose. So, while recovery from addiction may feel like a long, lonely path to travel, you are far from alone...


Buprenorphine and Pregnancy

The news is reported daily about prescription pain pill abuse reaching epidemic proportions in America. With regulations on physicians, pain pills have become much harder to access and some are even turning to heroin. Substance Abuse is now acknowledged as a medical

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September is National Recovery Month

The prevalence of mental and/or substance use disorders is high. Nearly one out of every five adults in the United States, about 43.8 million people, has a mental illness, such as a diagnosable mental, behavioral, or emotional disorder

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Withdrawal, What to Expect…

If a person takes prescription pain pills for long periods of time, tolerance to the drug can emerge along with physical and psychological dependence. If physical dependence is present, withdrawal can occur when the drug is no longer taken. Following are some of the symptoms that

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The Face of Addiction: What Does It Look Like?

What does the face of addiction look like, you might wonder? For some who don’t have any knowledge of addiction, the face that Hollywood paints might be called to mind. Disheveled, homeless, friendless, and jobless. However, this could not be further from reality.

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Myths of Addiction

Myths of Addiction: What You Need to Know

There are many myths surrounding addiction, especially pain pill addiction. We hope to shed some light on a few here: 1) I can quit if I really want to. Addiction is a disease and, for some, it can be overcome without help. However, for most, help is needed to heal, as with most

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There Is Hope

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