Thrifty Self-Care Hacks for a Quick Recovery Pick-Me-Up

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July 19, 2023

Substance use disorder can take a physical toll on the body, and one of the first things patients in addiction treatment notice is how their appearance begins to change for the better as they stick with their program. With the body feeling and looking better, many become inspired to seek out some much-needed sprucing up but fear that professional services may be too costly. Thankfully, that’s not always the case! Training academies and universities offer heavily discounted or free services to help top-level students practice their craft on real people. Information on these opportunities will vary by location but can be discovered via a quick internet search and phone call.

There are also wonderful programs that cater to people working towards a better future, with professionals donating their skills and time to help the community. In fact, some of these tradespeople are in recovery themselves and are happy to give back and help inspire others to feel and look their best.

Get a haircut.

A professional clean shave or haircut can do wonders! The salon experience itself can also be a rejuvenating experience. Plus, wisdom says that hair (comprised of dead cells) can hold on to bad energy from the past, so what better time than now to snip off a few inches or go for an entirely new hair color? Beauty school students are currently some of the most ambitious and high-quality stylists in history thanks to viral social media like TikTok and beauty vloggers on YouTube, so visiting an academy can mutually benefit both parties.   

Get a dental cleaning.

Drug misuse can be hard on oral health, and dental work can be very pricy and not covered by insurance. However, many will be glad to learn that dental schools offer dental cleanings and other services performed by advanced students close to graduating and becoming licensed dentists. For those who prefer to see a well-seasoned dentist, many practices offer a new patient special that includes x-rays and a cleaning for under $100! Although a simple cleaning may not solve all potential oral health issues, it’s a great place to start.

Get sweaty.

Gym memberships can cost a pretty penny but aren’t always necessary to work up a sweat. Tons of fitness and wellness studios hold free seminars like “Yoga in the Park” or free trial memberships for prospective customers. With exercise being a current top trend, new and innovative gyms seem to be popping up in big cities and small towns across the nation. Taking advantage of free classes can make every week a new adventure, from boxing classes to cycling and even aerial acrobatics!

Get a massage.

Massages aren’t just for those who live luxurious lives; they’re actually medically beneficial and part of physical therapy for chronic pain, circulation issues and more. Local massage school students are always looking for subjects to practice their skills and rack up hours of practical work, making this a no-brainer self-care move!

Addiction treatment is the single most important decision a person struggling with substance misuse can make, and the recovery journey is hard work. While sobriety will always be a top priority, the body and mind also need other kinds of care along the way. People often put so much of their new-found energy and motivation into their recovery goals that they forget to take time and enjoy life’s simple pleasures that addiction previously robbed them of for too long.

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