Medication-Assisted Treatment With Buprenorphine

AppleGate Recovery offers buprenorphine treatment for addiction in Bossier City, LA.

At AppleGate Recovery in Bossier City, LA, we provide medication-assisted treatment for addiction using buprenorphine compounds. These drugs reduce the effects of opiate withdrawal and ease the cravingsof using illicit opioids. Suboxone® is the most widely known buprenorphine compound used in treatment of opioid addiction. Others include ZubSolv® and Bunavail®. This type of treatment is known to be the most effective treatment for opioid addiction.

When you use an opiate, it binds to receptors in your brain that produce a euphoric or “high” feeling. That feeling is better than your brain expects, so it further rewards you by releasing dopamine which also makes your feel good. What makes opiates particularly hard to stop is the increase of drugs required to reach that initial feeling of euphoria again. When you don’t take the opiates, your brain and body go into a state of withdrawal, which can be painful and debilitating.

At our Bossier City clinic, our buprenorphine treatment helps ease the intensity of opiate withdrawals. In addition, our treatment helps reduces the cravings that patient encounter during recovery. Each patient at our Bossier City clinic works with an experienced physician to determine the right medication and dosage for them.

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