Vicodin Addiction Treatment

AppleGate Recovery offers treatment and counseling for Vicodin® addiction in Lewisville, TX.

Vicodin® is a pain medication that can quickly lead to dependence, even after one use. As an opioid, Vicodin® binds to the receptors in your brain that produce a euphoric, or “high”, feeling. That feeling is part of the brain’s pleasure center and is caused by releasing dopamine. This surge of pleasant feelings can be easily addictive.

What makes Vicodin® particularly difficult to stop is the body’s adjustment to dopamine surges. Eventually, the body develops a tolerance to dopamine which increases the amount of drugs required to reach the same feeling of euphoria. This produces a vicious cycle of dependency that can be extremely difficult to stop on your own.

At AppleGate Recovery in Lewisville, TX, we offer a medical-assisted treatment program to break the cycle of Vicodin® addiction. Our experienced addiction doctors specialize in buprenorphine treatment to control withdrawal symptoms.

Benefits include:

  • Medical supervision and evaluation
  • Individual and group substance abuse counseling
  • Ongoing medical and social assessment

In addition to the prescription and medical management of buprenorphine treatment medications, our Lewisville clinic also provides support services to address all aspects of your recovery.

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