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Going Back to School After Opioid Addiction Treatment

May 2, 2019

An essential part of the healing process when in recovery is bettering your life to create a bright future. For many, this means acquiring new skills to help create opportunities for growth. Addiction can take people away from personal development because it quickly becomes the center of their universe. If you feel like you’ve been…

Tips for Returning to Work After Addiction [Guide]

April 19, 2019

Resumes and Potential Employers If your road to long-lasting recovery has prepared you to take on a job during or after treatment, the feeling of a fresh start can be revitalizing and a little bit nerve-racking. In many ways, this may feel like you’re starting life over after losing everything. Thankfully, there are some proven…

Tips for Managing Your Money After Opioid Treatment

February 22, 2019

Once you’ve gone through treatment for your substance use disorder, it will be important to get in control of your finances before you take the next steps to improve yourself now that you’re in recovery. Addiction can take a toll on your bank account, when you add up legal and medical fees, along with any…