Sticking to New Year’s Recovery Resolutions

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February 11, 2020

A new year brings around new goals, especially when you’re in recovery. However, it’s often much easier to make a list of goals than it is to stick to them. After the newness of your resolutions begins to fade, you may be in need of inspiration to stick to them, so they don’t start to stress you out. There are some ways to manage all these new experiences without putting too much pressure on yourself to perform.

Start small. You may have enrolled in a new hobby group, physical activity, lessons, or school, and now things are starting to feel a bit more real. Keep in mind; it takes time to build something new into your routine. As you begin to get used to your new venture, your brain is building pathways in the mind, rewiring it from previous substance use, which can take some time. It’s much easier to build up slowly than overwhelm yourself and give up!

One thing at a time! You may have been lofty with your goal setting, so don’t be afraid to take them on separately. You don’t have to start everything at the same time as it can needlessly stress you out. Remember, the reason you set these goals was to enrich your life in recovery, not to burden yourself with a crazy schedule. You have 12 whole months to accomplish the things you set out to do, so don’t try to get everything going at once!

Talk it out. The more you talk about your new endeavors to your support system, the more you will be reminded of why you decided to make your goals in the first place. Learning a new skill or adopting a new activity to your routine can sometimes feel uncomfortable and make you question yourself and why you ever decided to come up with such an idea. Rest assured, that’s just your self-doubt talking as you adjust yourself to new experiences.

Go easy on yourself. Don’t beat yourself up if you miss a practice, cancel a meetup, or take a day off because you need some rest. You are not taking these things on to strive for ultimate perfection because you have learned that it doesn’t exist. Stay away from black and white thinking that perpetuates anxiety and tension. Prioritize your well-being above all and allow yourself to take a time out when you need it; you can always try again tomorrow.

Making your resolutions stick this year is a journey within itself, and the objectives you are taking on should be bolstering your recovery. Be mindful of how you are handling yourself as you try new things and fine-tune your schedule so you avoid anything that will potentially put too much strain on you. Don’t forget to ask for support from your loved ones as well as your teacher or instructors as you continue to do your best to reach your goals.

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