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Why Does Treating an Opioid Addiction Require Medical Assistance?

Struggling with an opioid use disorder can feel like an uphill battle, but more treatment plans are available to you than solely psychological counseling. Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) is an effective…

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Staying Sober During Postpartum Depression

Having a baby is life-changing. Once this new person enters your world, everything is different. While many of these experiences will be joyous, some will not. Many mothers face a…

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Sticking to Sobriety While Isolated at Home With Kids

Having kids is an incredible journey. However, parenting young children is also one of the most stressful, exasperating experiences anyone can face. During the global pandemic, parents have taken on…

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Overcoming Triggers in the Workplace

Recovery is an ongoing process that requires you to put yourself first in order to heal. To do so, you need to avoid things that may trigger a relapse. For…

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Substance Abuse and Addiction Recovery for Mothers

Motherhood is a complex, emotional journey. Between the miraculous moments of raising children, many mothers become overwhelmed. This experience is normal, and so is a mother’s instinct to reach for…

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Family Codependent

Mindfulness Practices for Opioid Addiction Recovery

As we approach the winter months, making mindfulness an intentional habit is particularly important. Many people experience lower energy levels and seasonal depression when the days get shorter and colder….

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