What is a “support system” in recovery?

MastHead Outline
October 7, 2021

Patients in treatment go through a time where they must alter their previous social surroundings that revolved around opioid misuse and rebuild a healthier network of people around them to promote recovery and avoid negative and trigger-inducing situations. AppleGate Recovery’s comprehensive MAT programs give patients access to individual and group substance use counseling which allows them to communicate with other patients going through the same process while also working with professional counselors to keep their recovery on track.

No one in treatment should feel they’re going through the process alone, particularly those who may have strained family relationships due to addiction. AppleGate Recovery hopes to aid every patient in repairing and renewing their social circles while creating new and healthful connections along the way, including 12-step programs, counseling, and information on sober living houses or intensive outpatient programs.