Finding Friends and a Support Group After Addiction Recovery

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September 16, 2021

Humans are built for connection. Our instincts push us toward friendships, relationships and mutual support from other people. Without close connections, we cannot function at our optimal level. This is especially true if you’re recovering from addiction.

During recovery, having a support system is key. These are the family members, friends and other influential people who encourage your fight against addiction. While it may take time to build healthy relationships or find the right support group, it’s worth it.

The Importance of Your Support System

Your support system is essential to maintaining your long-term recovery. Whether it’s sober friends or a recovery group, these are the people who understand what you’ve been through. They’ll help you when the road gets rough. They’ll also be there to lighten the mood, give you a laugh and remind you that life is still good.

In building your support system, stay close to people who:

  • Hold you accountable when temptations and triggers arise.
  • Encourage and motivate you when things get hard.
  • Provide solace when you feel empty or lonely.
  • Offer acceptance and hope when you feel shame or despair.

Finding Friends in Recovery

While friendship comes in many forms, it’s important to make friends who share your sobriety. Sober friends are less likely to use alcohol, smoke or use drugs, which is important when you’re rebuilding a substance-free life.

If you’re finding it hard to meet friends post-addiction, here are some avenues that could elicit some meaningful connections:

  • Social media groups
  • Online forums
  • Religious centers or nonprofit organizations
  • Addiction support groups

How to Find a Recovery Support Group

Outside of addiction treatment, it’s important to build and extend your recovery support system. Family members and friends may not fully understand your struggle. Recovery support groups are specialized programs where people with similar experiences gather together, talk and encourage one another.

You can find this type of community support through:

If you feel alone in your struggle, search online for a recovery support group near you.

Receive the Support You Need at AppleGate Recovery

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