Navigating Addiction Recovery for Mothers

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February 14, 2024

Motherhood is a complex, emotional journey. Between the miraculous moments of raising children, many mothers become overwhelmed. This experience is normal, and so is a mother’s instinct to reach out for help in whatever form is available.

It’s not uncommon for new mothers to experience postpartum depression and other physical complications caused by traumatic birth. What starts for many as a prescribed treatment for physical pain or mental illness can spiral into the disease of addiction.

If addiction has become the most important part of your life, remember that motherhood and addiction recovery can coexist. Find your way back to your family through a healing process that caters to moms in addiction recovery.

A mother in addiction recovery holding her baby in her arms, looking out a window.

Addiction Recovery Tips for Mothers

There are numerous resources for mothers who are struggling with substance use and may need addiction treatment. Motherhood in recovery can be a rewarding and self-validating experience, especially with some extra support along the way.

“Be a full person. Motherhood is a glorious gift, but do not define yourself solely by motherhood. Be a full person. Your child will benefit from that.”

— Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Building Support Systems in Addiction Recovery

  • Moms in recovery flourish when they have a robust support system. Asking your family, friends, or counselor for help can feel daunting, but your recovery will benefit from their presence. Involving your family in counseling and parts of the treatment process can help you mend relationships with the people you love most.
  • Joining a community of moms dedicated to their recovery can also give you a solid foundation on which to rebuild your life. Addiction recovery for mothers can be delicate, and other healing mothers can help by taking that life-changing journey with you.
  • Creating meaningful friendships and mentorships in recovery can also provide a safety net for your children. Because addiction is a chronic disease, there may come a time later down the line when your child may need extra support. With a group of trusted peers around, they will know where to find it.
A mother in addiction recovery doing stretching exercises with her young daughter.

Focus on Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Well-Being

Sometimes, it can feel as though moms spend their time taking care of everyone else but themselves. Self-care is essential to recovery, especially if you’re a mom who often overlooks your own needs.

Taking care of your body makes a difference and allows you to take even better care of your loved ones. Get plenty of sleep and rest, eat well and balance nutrition with foods you love. Exercise on a regular schedule and take the time to slow down every chance you get. The investments you make in your health will help you make great progress in recovery.

Wellness means more than the condition of the physical body. Emotional and spiritual well-being are just as important. Counseling is an excellent way to connect with your feelings and learn how to cope with them.

Focusing on Mindfulness

Spirituality covers a vast range of beliefs and practices. Many moms in recovery use prayer or meditation to restore spiritual health and mindfulness. A few other ideas include:

  • Performing self-reflection.
  • Reading literature or listening to music that inspires you.
  • Volunteering for a cause you feel passionate about.
  • Joining a spiritual community.
  • Immersing yourself in nature.
  • Release Any Resentment

Hostility and resentment block you from making progress in recovery and can make you feel like an eternal victim. That mode of thought may also cause you more likely to feel stuck and potentially relapse. Learning healthy coping mechanisms lets you process your emotions and resolve them in a way that serves you.

Many mothers who are successful in recovery start their days with morning meditation. Even though it can seem impossible with little ones with demanding needs, it helps. Taking some time early in the morning for yourself before the chaos of another day begins can be life-changing.

Practicing gratitude for a few moments each day also helps keep the addiction recovery process a priority. Many mothers find journaling about things they’re grateful for daily when they get moments of peace helps them stay grounded.

A mother in addiction recovery smiling and playing with her baby.

4 Helpful Gratitude Practices in Recovery

  1. Morning affirmations: Starting the day by listing three things you’re grateful for can keep things in perspective even when life gets hectic.
  2. Show thankfulness: Make small gestures for the people around you who have helped you through your recovery journey. It can make you feel self-assured and extend a quiet “thank you” to people who have stuck through hard times.
  3. Appreciate the little things: It’s nice to be thankful for a sunny day, a delicious meal, or when your children have reached new milestones. You would not experience these simple joys if addiction still had active control over your brain.
  4. Actionable gestures of love: It can be challenging to volunteer time while taking care of small children. However, there are ways to give back to the community while getting the kids involved! Donating canned goods, volunteering time at nursing homes, or supporting local charities by sharing their mission helps a lot!

Connect with AppleGate Recovery About Addiction Recovery for Mothers

No matter how much your recovery means to you, many moms don’t want to miss time with their family. At AppleGate Recovery, we offer outpatient opioid addiction treatment for mothers in recovery. Our providers and care team work closely to provide medication-assisted treatment (MAT) in a caring, supportive environment.

When you seek treatment at AppleGate Recovery, you can get your life back while you continue to live it. You’ll receive access to professional counseling and other recovery services on your schedule.

To receive the help you deserve, reach out to AppleGate Recovery today. Contact us online or by phone for more information about addiction recovery for moms.