Sticking to Sobriety While Isolated at Home With Kids

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January 28, 2021

Having kids is an incredible journey. However, parenting young children is also one of the most stressful, exasperating experiences anyone can face. During the global pandemic, parents have taken on roles they never thought they’d have to — teacher, sports coach and guidance counselor, just to name a few. This intense period is difficult for any parent, let alone for those recovering from substance addiction.

Even if you’re finding it difficult to get your mind off that substance you once relied on, staying sober during social isolation is more than possible. With a positive mindset and the right tools, here are some ways to safeguard your recovery while isolated at home with the kids.

Reach Out to Others

Meaningful connections are an essential aspect of recovery. Yet, when you’re stuck at home with your little ones, reaching out to your support network may feel impossible. Thankfully, technology allows you to reach out to others. Connect with an online recovery meeting, FaceTime with a friend, text a trusted counselor or even join a Facebook group dedicated to recovering addicts. If your cravings are too much to bear, be vulnerable and reach out to others.

Create a Daily Routine

During recovery, you may have learned the importance of creating a daily routine. A schedule is a great way to incorporate healthy habits into your day and help you find balance. When the world outside your home seems crazy, it’s a great time to reintroduce routines into your life — for yourself and your kids. This will help your children stop peppering you with questions about what they should do, and it can also create a sense of calm amid the storm.

Set Boundaries

If your kids are little, it may be hard to have some “me” time. However, once they reach a certain age, start teaching them to respect your boundaries so that you can practice self-care. Create a time each day where you focus on yourself and keep your mind in a good place. Whether you practice yoga, exercise or do some mindfulness exercises, let your kids know that this time is for you, and only to come to you if there’s an emergency.

Stay Busy With Engaging Activities

Last summer, you may have been able to go to the zoo or local park to break the monotony of home life. However, your options are a bit more limited during quarantine. With a little creativity, you can come up with a list of engaging activities that will keep both you and your kids entertained for however long social distancing lasts. Staying busy staves off boredom and isolation, two triggers that can lead to relapse.

Here are a few suggestions that can break up the dullness:

  • Buy a new family game or complete a puzzle together.
  • Have a family movie night with popcorn.
  • Read one chapter from a classic children’s book before bed.
  • Start a family project, such as an outdoor garden.
  • Have an arts and crafts activity hour.
  • Arrange a Zoom play date with your kids’ school friends.

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