Safe Summer Activities for Recovering Addicts

May 24, 2021

When you’re recovering from addiction, your sobriety should take priority. While summer offers plenty of distractions and fun, it’s also a season filled with potential triggers. From backyard barbecues where the beer flows freely to vacations that throw your carefully crafted routine out of whack, this season can put your hard-earned sobriety at risk if you’re not careful.

While recovery may not always be easy, there are times you can cut loose. With that in mind, here are some safe summer activities for recovering addicts.

Hit the Trails

Most locations in the U.S. are within a two-hour drive of a state or national park. So, pack a bag with some snacks and lots of water and see where the trails may lead. Whether on your own or with a friend, this activity allows you to get away from stress and other triggers so that you can just enjoy the great outdoors.

Join a Sober Sports Team

Do an internet search for clean or sober sports teams, and you may be surprised at how many results pop up. Joining a team is a great way to feel connected with others. Plus, with a sober team, you won’t have to worry about being asked to go out for drinks after a game. Teams are also an excellent opportunity to meet people and find new avenues for recovery support.

Visit Notable Local Attractions

Depending on where you live, your town may be teeming with fun attractions, or it may be slim pickings. If you live in an urban area, there’s undoubtedly a ton of options, from the local modern art museum to a day of rides at a nearby amusement park. However, even the smallest towns have a feature that’s worth exploring. Whether it’s the world’s largest ball of yarn or a spooky haunted house, take a day to check out the local sites for some sober fun.

Become a Craft Coffee Connoisseur

While others may be hitting up the local brewpub or craft beer bar, you can indulge in a different way. Craft coffee culture is in full swing, and independent coffee shops are cropping up all over the country. Summer is a great time to try a few of these establishments and find your new favorite morning brew.

Cool Down by the Water

Not everyone has the luxury of living near the ocean, but that doesn’t mean you can’t cool off and have some fun. Hot days are perfect for water activities. Take some time to swim in a nearby lake, tube down the river or kayak in the bay — you’ll love taking advantage of a local spot.

Plan Your Own Backyard Barbecue

Dust off those grilling skills and gather your nearest and dearest. When the barbecue is in your own backyard, you can control what gets served. That means a sober-friendly party with great food, fun and only non-alcoholic drinks.

Get Sober This Summer

If you struggle with opioid use disorder, now is the perfect time to reach out and get help. The team at AppleGate Recovery specializes in medication-assisted treatment. Our clinically proven programs can help reduce the effects of addiction and help you learn vital coping skills. Let this be the summer you find hope and healing in recovery. Learn how to get started today.

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